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by Lynda Osborne

Many fashionists dream of the fashion design world as fortune and fame. Some love the limelight of runway modeling and the world of supermodels, while others adore the artistic photo shoots, many with that glimmer of hope that recognition towards a film career would follow. On the other hand, others take a different approach.  They look at the business aspect of it, the viability of it, and the dedication behind the scenes.

There are very many designers worldwide, and what we see in the media is just the tip of the iceberg. Many concentrate seriously on their day-to-day activities, satisfied with their share of the market, unaffected by the non-involvement in fashion shows and the flash of cameras.  They may not be a household name, but they have made their niche within this fashion sphere.

I believe in a quote “When you do something great, there’s the possibility that there’s someone out there that’s just as good or better than you”.  I was quite intrigued by a seemingly unknown designer who may not be among the first ten top designers, but better than many. It is true that sometimes what we see in the media as a big achievement by someone, may be just a fluke, or a publicized one-time event with no solid foundation nor genuine capacity for continuity, but I have researched this designer and have found him to be right on board.

Another designer I was intrigued with is from Chicago, Illinois.  I had the opportunity to view her catalogue while liaising with a buyeer in Chicago, and was quite amazed to see the bead work she put into her dresses.  While my garments are about creative structure, line and style, she concentrated on detailed embellishment, incorporating them in every piece that she produced.

Such specialised expertise does not occur by guess. Many persons have natural talents in certain spheres, and just as practice makes perfect, that practice also steers you to find or get into your niche. It is said that one has to pay one’s dues before becoming an expert in a field, and while working long hours and stepping far to broaden one’s horizon are surely two of those dues, one must be strong and diligent through obstacles along the way. One may venture into something that may just restrict or stagnate, while another may enlighten to the opening up of one’s eyes, and be a conduit for maximized creative energy and due success.