Corporate Wear

Tired of trying to fit into standard size staff wear?  This is the place to get  company  uniforms that are truly made to your unique measurements. Choose from a collection of styles designed in-house, or from modified classic styles. 

Lynda Osborne corporate wear section caters for small-sized companies, with orders from as low as a staff of 5 persons @ 5 uniforms each.  Styles are available for viewing in Pants suits, Skirt suits, Dresses, Waistcoat and blouses. 

Call 868 341 2120 for further details.

Below: Keyhole and pentagon neckline closed-front zipper back skirt suits  /  Call 868 341 2120 for ordering

Keyhole-neck skirt suit
Black Keyhole-neck skirt suit
Olive Keyhole-neck skirt suit
Royal Pentagon neckline skirt set
Fuschia Pentagon neckline skirt set
Rust Pentagon neckline skirt set

See shop for your basic straight skirts in the available colors.  Call to order with discounted price if purchasing in  staff quantities.