This is primarily a premium brand where you can have your apparel customized.

From Elegant casuals and day wear,

to bold or conservative attire,

Business wear, 

Cocktail wear and Evening wear 

You can also have unique non-traditional Bridal wear, as well as Graduation  and Prom dresses.

I believe in quality and have maintained that mark throughout, giving you value in

workmanship, fabric and design.



Being in the apparel-making and design business for many years, I have seen the industry’s evolution from high couture to fast fashion and back.

People are of different shapes and sizes and a vast majority do not fit standard sizes. You can be slim or large, full-busted  with small hips,  small-busted with large thighs, very short or very tall, ordering by made-to-measure is for you.

Here you’re all set to  have fashionable or classic garments made to your individual size and shape using your measurements and not standard sizing.


Faux-Linen uneven hemline maxi skirt
Uneven hemline maxi skirt


All apparel are made using quality fabrics and trimmings

We test for color free fastness before combining different colors, and use only compatible materials when mixing fabrics and notions.