Exclusive styles and classic fashion wear created by Lynda Osborne,  and made to your measurements.  Phone: 868 341 2120

Prices are quoted in TTD, and during the pandemic, this website caters for deliveries locally in Trinidad & Tobago only, until further notice.

For other arrangements and orders from outside of Trinidad & Tobago, call the above number, or  send a message here.

One of the fabrics trending this year is  mesh.  Here’s  a great dress in layered bias mesh!  You can order it in plain mesh or floral-patterned lace mesh.

Mesh lace tiered dress with straps
Silvery white mesh-tiered cocktail dress LynOs-Dr012A

Below are designs in digital form.  This is in keeping with sustainbility within the fashion industry.  Fewer physical samples, less wastage.

Photos and the colors of the  actual fabrics are used in creating the designs.

Bateau neck 2-tone long dress in bright-green & black
Pop color-block bateau-neck long dress
Bateau neck 2-tone long dress in yellow & black
Color-block bateau-neck maxi dress in yellow and black
Bateau neck 2-tone long dress in torquoise & black
Pop color boat-neck long dress in Torquoise and black
Bateau neck 2-tone long dress White & black
Long-sleeved white and black bateau-neck maxi dress
Bateau neck 2-tone long dress Purple & black
Purple and black bateau-neck long-sleeved maxi dress
Bateau neck 2-tone long dress Saffron & black
Saffron and black Long-sleeved bateau-neck maxi dress in saffron and black.
Royal blue shimmer dress with cut-out shoulder design
Sequined stretch dress with peep-shoulder design
Cut-out shoulder styles this long sequined stretch dress.


A short close-fit dress with sequined bandeau stripes gives you that simple elegance that you love!